The Weight Loss Detective Programme

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The Weight Loss Detective Programme

Programme Outline

These workshops provide you with the opportunity to safely examine your own habits and behaviours around food. Over the course of 4 weeks you will become more aware of how lifelong weight management works and where you can make small adjustments in your own behaviours and habits to bring about weight loss.

Here is an outline of the weekly Weight Loss Detective Programme:

It is a 4 week workshop consisting of weekly 3 hour modules dealing with all aspects of weight management and looking at all the factors that contribute to the weight gain / weight loss cycle.

The classes are highly interactive and consist of 12 hours of talks, class discussion, self awareness exercises and practical skills to help you and maintain lifelong weight management habits.

As a weight loss detective you will:

  • Uncover the myths behind the weight loss industry.
  • Be able to spot false and misleading marketing claims about foods.
  • Implement easy weight loss habits into your everyday life.
  • Adapt and modify your unwanted eating behaviours.
  • Discover how to set realistic and achievable weight loss goals.
  • Find out how to motivate yourself.
  • Make better decisions around food.
  • Learn how to challenge limiting beliefs about yourself and your eating habits.
  • Gain awareness of how you sabotage yourself.
  • Recognise the importance of attitude in achieving your weight loss goals.
  • Be able to identify your Life Values,
  • Learn how to make better decisions about your food choices.
  • Tap into your emotional intelligence.
  • Stop emotional eating.
  • Increase your self confidence and esteem.
  • Become more resourceful and resilient.
  • Identify your buying strategy when food shopping, make smarter choices and save money.

The aim of the workshops is to empower you to take control and ownership for designing your own weight management system, with the resources you have available, while boosting your confidence, self esteem and promoting positive mental health.

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